Newsletter – March

December 2016

Updates and By the NumbersCapture

  • As the numbers show, we can see and feel the affects of ART construction all around us. January was thus far the most drastic decline but February got better considering we had one less day in the month this year.
  • Good news is for the first week of March we’re around $2k ahead of where we were at the same point for March 2016!
  • Bad news is our construction on the sidewalk hasn’t even started yet. We have heard it won’t take long to get our block done but that remains to be seen. We’re not doing that bad now but we’re unsure what’s going to happen once they rip up our sidewalk. When it’s not busy, do a Facebook/Instagram post for a special that day, get creative and create a draw for people to come in. For delivery you could send a driver to flyer the area. I’ll be printing some new flyers ASAP for this. Let me know if you have any questions about specials to use, or any ideas for flyers.
  • Here’s a recent Google review that we can all agree should never happen.  Please be sure that it doesn’t.  Thank you.Capture

March Events Image result for march madness 2017

While our Lobos will not be playing anymore this year, Brickyard should still be a popular spot to watch the tournament. Our business should reflect that when it starts on March 14th. To get in the spirit of things, I put together a bracket challenge for Brickyard.  Any and all employees are welcome to enter and the winner will get a prize to be determined at a later date.

Menu Updates

In addition to flyers and I will be printing new food, drink and liquor menus this week. Changes and new additions to the menu are as follows:

  • Food Menu
    • Add shaved parmesan as topping option
    • Add shaved parmesan to caesar salad
  • Drink Menu
    • Old Fashioned
    • We are changing our wine from Barefoot to Bota Box Wine. On the menu they will just read Merlot, Pinot Noir, Cabernet, White Zinfandel, Chardonay and Pinot Grigio.
    • Quarter Celtic – Irish Red
      Image result for quarter celtic irish red
    • Boxing Bear – AppleBear Cider (replaced Angry Orchard)
      Apple Bear Hard Cider
    • New Belgium – Tartastic (try this with OJ for a Beermosa)
  • Liquor Menus
    • Basil Hayden’s – whiskey
    • Dickel Rye – whiskey

Brickyard Knowledge Base

Within the Employee Portal there are many forms, tools and reports but I wanted to mention a new feature we have. The Brickyard Knowledge Base

Rent This Now

This will search through the knowledge bases for the following: POS Lavu,,, ServSafe Practice Tests, Brickyard Pizza Newsletters, our employee manual and more. The idea is to search common questions about operations specific to our restaurant. If you have comments or suggestions on how to improve this feature, please let me know.

BOH Announcements

  • Date product in the walk-in. We are having problems with basil going bad. If we could please date all product in the walk-in this includes all product on the Sysco truck. We need to improve on the FIFO- first in first out.
  • Stock coke cooler at the end of each shift. We are really busy with online deliveries it really helps to have a full coke cooler at the beginning of a shift.
  • Charge the cordless phones and the iPads at the end of both shifts. This helps both shifts to be prepared when the shift starts.
  • Change out the steam table DAILY. Please use a new pan and liner for pizza sauce and meatballs. The au jus just needs a new pan. We also need to check the table often during a shift. Make sure it is up to temp, make sure they are stirred and have enough product for the shift. This will help us put out the best product possible.
  • Utilize the Shift Notes (save that link on your phone for easy access) feature on the employee portal for day-to-day notes to be shared with all kitchen and shift managers. This can also be a good tool for bartenders to let us know if we’re running low on something, or if someone left a tab and you need to explain why.
  • Overall kitchen organization and cleanliness has improved greatly and I appreciate the work you are all putting in, especially on those late night hours. Communication during the day shifts has shown great progress as well. We should constantly be working for better and more consistent results and I see that most of you are trying very hard to accomplish this.

FOH Announcements

  • Other than ART affecting us, everything is going fairly smooth up front. We have some relatively new faces since our last FOH meeting and it’s probably a good time for everyone to get together and be sure we’re all on the same page with policy and procedure.
  • We are having a mandatory FOH meeting on Sunday the 26th of March at 8 am. We understand some people may have scheduling conflicts but please let Nick or Ryan know about any such conflicts so that they can be approved absences.

Employee Incentives Winners

FOH Winner

Forest is a fan favorite at Brickyard for his excellent work ethic and kind demeanor. He never complains when asked to do something and is always willing to go the extra mile during his shifts.  Thanks Forest for always being a team player!

BOH Winner

Sergio is always willing put in the extra effort. He has a fantastic work ethic and a consistently positive attitude. Whether he’s driving or cooking, Sergio is a reliable and quality addition to the Brickyard team.  Thanks Sergio.

Enjoy your spring break! 

Derek, Nick and Ryan


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