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While we do offer a variety of menu items, we are famous for our Blue Ribbon Special.  A huge slice of cheese pizza and a PBR for only $4.75.

Albuquerque’s best kept secret under $5

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Difficult as it may be to admit, not everyone likes pizza and calzones. For those patrons, we offer a variety of hot sandwiches, huge salads, delicious wings and appetizers.

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Customer Reviews

Great calzones
Nicole Garcia
Nicole G.
05:30 20 Oct 20
Great pizza and customer service!
Lance Coggeshell
Lance C.
02:22 04 Oct 20
Great food, polite staff! All of the workers were wearing gloves and masks, which is nice to see during a pandemic. Loved the calzones 🙂
Ben W.
Ben W.
16:32 31 Jul 20
New waitress red hair is actually serving customers there is hope, battling with lily for 3 drinks gets exhausting- she is "comcerned for our health" instead of trying to make a sale- and the screen she prentends to stare into is not even a phone, you need to give hours back to your experieced bartenders the amature does not stay at her bar she walks away from it for 20 min before charging 62$ for 3 drinks
roadside bong
roadside B.
00:19 18 Jul 20
Its always a pleasant experience!
Leonard Montoya
Leonard M.
19:33 13 Jul 20
Hands down the best pizza we've had in ABQ so far. We got a Deep Dish of El Lobo and enjoyed every minute of it - amazing crust, sweet sauce, and a good...
Jennifer J.
Jennifer J.
15:27 03 Jul 20
This place is asthetically pleasing ! atmosphere is on point ! (almost can not tell that it is in NM)#WAITERS#WAITRESSES#LIVES#MATTERlisten, some encouraging advice (well, it is my intent)do not let Or allow them (Governor whom doesnt loose her income, doesnt loose all her creature comforts ... health insurance etc., etc) ... to LOCK YOU DOWN AGAIN (Democratic Governors are responsible for loss, to a grave MAGNITUDE) ...#ALL#LIVES#MATTER#ALL•JOBS•MATTERIf she goes full throttle and pursues another lock down ...CLASS ACTION LAWSUITE (minimum Of 20 Plantiffs)BAN TOGETHER ... and FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHT TO WORK, TO FEED YOUR FAMILY ... TO KEEP THESE BUSINESSES OPEN !
Micalea Kajan
Micalea K.
19:15 01 Jul 20
best bartenders have reopened..new redhaired waitress is actually serving customers i hope that lasts
06:51 23 Jun 20
Jake Tetrault
Jake T.
05:19 01 Jun 20
Love love love best pizza in ABQ and great environment
Adria Fecteau
Adria F.
20:32 28 May 20
My son recommended this place and last week I tried it. I ordered the Spinach- Artichoke dip...it was AMAZING. Today I tried the Lobo Zoni and it is also AMAZING. The delivery is beyond incredible. I can't wait until the governor allows indoor dining this way I can enjoy their atmosphere.
Monica Kerr
Monica K.
18:45 27 May 20
COVID-19 Pandemic Zombies it doesn't matter! These guys rock. Pizzas were on point, bread sticks, caesar salads and all the fixins'. Thank you guys for...
Gary L.
Gary L.
18:55 07 May 20
Amazing pizza! Brick house salad is really good too! Thanks guys!
John Corcoran
John C.
00:58 11 Apr 20
Best pizza made in a brickyard ever!
Robert K
Robert K
21:03 27 Mar 20
Pizza, beer, can't go wrong. Waitress was very accommodating
Russell Nyberg
Russell N.
15:08 18 Mar 20
Just pick up a couple slices of pizza for my grandson. I don't like you have to pay for parking.
Ignacio Lopez
Ignacio L.
02:21 16 Mar 20
Great drink specials and food, also keep to their posted hours
Veronica Borunda
Veronica B.
08:34 15 Mar 20
I haven't been back to this restaurant in a while due to a horrible experience last time I visited. Upon walking in tonight, my girlfriend and I were greeted by a cheerful, energetic waitress ( I believe she said her name was Chloe ). She immediately got us menus and took our order. Not only did she tell us about the food specials, but she offered to help us choose drinks for the night since we couldn't see every drink written on the wall.I was a restaurant manager for a long time and I've never had a waitress as attentive, hard-working, and happy as Chloe ( again, I think that was her name ). She is exactly what I want in a waitress when visiting a restaurant. Maybe my last bad service experience at Brickyard Pizza was a fluke.It took a while for our pizza to arrive but our waitress made sure we were comfortable until the pizza was finished cooking. I would have liked for the pizza to be a little less well done and for the sauce to have a little more flavor, but I digress.Overall, I just want to say that I am happy that Brickyard Pizza is hiring good waitresses. I had such a horrible experience last time I visited but I'm glad my girlfriend and I were able to have a pleasant experience this time around.I look forward to visiting again in the future and hope that Chloe will be at Brickyard Pizza to wait on us again next time.Also, I just wanted to add that I would love if you added a white sauce for the pizza to the menu.
Anthony Perea
Anthony P.
09:53 14 Mar 20
Eat pizza! Drink beer!!!
Douglas Spinarski
Douglas S.
22:44 13 Mar 20
Get the PBR special with the deep dish pizza. I got a marble double white and a PBR special upgraded to craft beer for about $13. Can't beat that and this dive has music and food.
Justin Marquez
Justin M.
22:58 11 Mar 20
The brickyard pizza was delicious!
Mellie Delgado
Mellie D.
04:40 22 Feb 20
The best pizza I Albuquerque!
Marcos Nava
Marcos N.
02:31 16 Feb 20
Ordered delivery many times when visiting the city. Never dined in. A pizza place that actually puts sauce on their pizza!!! Has sauce become...
Ben C.
Ben C.
11:47 24 Jan 20
Pizza! pizza... pizza pizza
Raul Zeke Garcia
Raul Zeke G.
17:17 21 Dec 19
Okay just writing this review is making me want to skip my workout and go here instead. I've only been here two times because I'm really never by UNM but I...
Noel P.
Noel P.
16:24 07 Nov 19
I love Brickyard Pizza so much I won’t go to another pizza place in Albuquerque! From the amazing staff that makes you feel at home to the delicious pizza at a great price with fast service, I definitely recommend coming in to Brickyard Pizza!
Lane Martin
Lane M.
15:00 06 Nov 19
Ya guys are all great here. Angelo is cool. Casey is the best. Rachel is fun and Cheyenne is nice. I could go for one of those $2 pbr or better yet pb&j and a whiskey and some wings right about now. Ya just gotta put a pool on the roof when the weather gets better. I always suggest this place to visitors in town and friends.
Arman Barsamian
Arman B.
00:07 06 Nov 19
Man o' man I miss this place. This brings me back to the good ol' college days when we could walk to the neighborhood dive bar and stumble back home. We...
Jenna E.
Jenna E.
20:09 20 Oct 19
Great pizza! We got the Lobo and whoever thought putting green chili peppers on pizza was a good idea, well, thanks for thinking of it! We love it.
Valerie Feuerbacher
Valerie F.
22:12 28 Aug 19
One of our favorite places
Crystal N Isaac Lucero
Crystal N Isaac L.
00:03 23 Aug 19
Good drinks, great vibe, amazing friends!!
Josue Zapata-Briceño
Josue Z.
06:53 08 Aug 19
good service and the meat lovers pizza was delicious. we will definitely be back .
Anna Marie Sandoval Friedenstein
Anna Marie Sandoval F.
03:55 25 Jul 19
great service, great food, nice atmosphere. I can't pass through Albuquerque without going to Brickyard pizza.
Charles Milliken
Charles M.
01:45 10 Jul 19
Used to work here still come back for the killer happy hour. The owners are cool and super friendly.
Ronny James Wadd
Ronny James W.
23:36 04 Jul 19
Good for a quick bite to eat, along with some well mixed drinks.
Noah Andrew Solomon
Noah Andrew S.
18:02 03 Jul 19
my favorite place my favorite place my favorite place
Romero Mj
Romero M.
00:23 02 May 19
Great IPA selection , and the staff was exceptional. Pizza is awesome
Deacon Robert Ferguson
Deacon Robert F.
02:28 28 Apr 19
Pizza is delicious. It was way too loud though, but it was NCAA finals.
Teresa Neely
Teresa N.
04:24 09 Apr 19
Support local pizza eateries!
Tybi Glover Finnegan
Tybi Glover F.
03:19 07 Feb 19
Had my 1st pie🍕 here last night and it was excellent! The hand tossed dough had a nice crunch and was pillowey soft inside, would be great on it's own!Plenty of rich, zesty/ spicy marinara, loads of fresh mozzarella, and the count of large, tasty pepperoni was great!( the small count of mushrooms didn't even matter.) Yuuumm!😋If you haven't tried one of Brickyard's pizza, I highly recommend you do.Looking forward to trying the other food on their menu👍👍
Stephen Garcia
Stephen G.
01:27 07 Jan 19
Great place for pizza, drinks, and football. The bartender Tracey was awesome with customer service as it was busy for the football game. A fun place to hang out with friends.
Jennifer Graham
Jennifer G.
00:37 10 Oct 18
Service was great, waitress was very friendly and accommodating, food was great. Recommend the Lobo Calzones, they were on point... lots of usb and power outlets to charge your phone. will definitely go back...
Ray Ortiz
Ray O.
05:07 20 Aug 18
Tried it for the first time this weekend and it was delicious. Of course I’m currently on a diet and had a philly without the bun and salad but I will be going back when I’m off the diet so I can have some yummy pizza and the lobo breadsticks which my parents loved them both.
Montenique Rodriguez
Montenique R.
01:04 13 Aug 18
Look. I’m from New York so I have ridiculously high standards when it comes to pizza. Their pizza is damn good. They have a good selection of the local beers too. I’ll be back.
William G. Dwyer
William G. D.
02:31 10 Jun 18
Great pizza. Our waitress was fantastic. Always smiling and helpful. I'd definitely go back.
Joyce Hudson
Joyce H.
03:33 25 Apr 18
Best damn pizza I’ve had in 30 years.
Mark Bruffett
Mark B.
01:52 24 Mar 18
That Pizza was the bomb. We had good company and a good waitress. I’d go back for sure.
Rita Cordova
Rita C.
01:14 29 Jan 18
The slice I had was really good!! Crust was well formed and evenly cooked. Pepperoni were well placed!! Waitstaff were very patient and helpful with my special needs!
Ernesto Monfiletto
Ernesto M.
19:51 22 Jun 17
Brickyard is the greatest establishment on the planet Earth.
Jon Smith
Jon S.
21:51 06 Feb 17
Had great service! Food was amazing! Love this place!!
Ashley Reid Duquette
Ashley Reid D.
21:15 04 Feb 17
Great pizza, and a fun place to hang out with friends! Go to the Tuesday night open mic!
Jake Grant
Jake G.
21:01 25 Jan 17
That it a nice cool. Place to hang out and drink beer and chill out with u buddy's and talk to cool. Ppl.
Jeremy Heaton
Jeremy H.
07:47 22 Jan 17
Yo! THAT ONE CAT CAM!, IS THE BOMB AT MAKING PIZZAS YO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...................................................................................................................................................... Etc
Brickyard is the shiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Roy Garcia
Roy G.
04:15 19 Nov 16
Wow amazing food and great service. Will be back soon.
Shona Ferguson
Shona F.
00:04 31 Oct 16
Great casual place to hang! Excellent service and fantastic food too!
Janelle Lovin Mancha
Janelle Lovin M.
05:18 28 Oct 16
Love the PBR special when you want something fast and simple and cheap. We only sit at the bar if it's open cause the bar tenders are awesome! It does get busy and loud in there at peak times but we always run into friends and have a great time regardless.
Amanda Martinez
Amanda M.
22:38 10 Oct 16
I love this place. They have great food, (I LOVE their deep-dish pizza), and drinks, for VERY reasonable prices. And the friendly staff and patrons will make you feel at home.
Pamela Dianne Whiteman
Pamela Dianne W.
03:57 09 Oct 16
It was great pizza and beer.. Nice atmosphere too!!!
Ginny Marquez
Ginny M.
23:16 03 Oct 16
Brickyard handles a huge crowd, serving good pizza and other food, with a full bar. Happy hour 10pm to midnight is fun and tuesday nights open mic��
Matt John
Matt J.
04:40 22 Sep 16
Across the street from UNM. Definitely a college hangout. A little noisy for me. Multiple tv's showing a wide variety of sporting events as well as music videos. Many beers available for purchase. We had a couple different pizzas, both were very good. Would visit again.
Adrienne Davis
Adrienne D.
14:11 19 Aug 16
After a long day of working I enjoy going to Brickyard to have some awesome pizza and the service is amazing Amanda is really good at her job when I walk in she already knows what we want and Cher I can't say enough about her she's amazing and the bartenders are awesome.
Brandyrenee Sena
Brandyrenee S.
04:30 06 Jun 16
Never been here before tonight. I was hungry and in Nob Hill so I walked inside and took a seat. And despite the house being filled wall to wall with people and performers, I was still given a menu and had my order taken within 2 minutes of sitting down. Super friendly staff and a fun and exciting environment, and delicious food
Byron Ybarra
Byron Y.
05:34 11 May 16
Whoever is in the back is awesome!! The front of the house. . . Brick yard come on really
Ricardo Mendiola
Ricardo M.
10:28 27 Apr 16
We got you Recommend by the front desk clerk. Dude it's a 10+ stars if you guys had a 10 stars I'd rate it. Keep up the great job. My family and I enjoyed the late dinner.
EJ Monte
07:40 15 Jan 16
Great servers, good beer prices and an amazing pizza & beer (PBR) special with draft beer 🙂
Zachariah Harris
Zachariah H.
23:30 15 Nov 15
Best pizza in town. Friendliest staff. Clean, upbeat, diverse crowd. Take lots of $$$ though.
Rich O Rama
Rich O R.
02:22 26 Sep 15
Been there the best pizza and beer
Mary Lou Ama Montoya
Mary Lou Ama M.
20:30 25 Sep 15
I been going here for years , it made me an animal. No this place is great, great staff and vibe. Perfect place to grab a couple beers "after" class at UNM.
Nathan Page
Nathan P.
16:29 22 Aug 15
I love Brickyard!!! The service is great, the food is awesome and I love that they deliver so late!
Tonya Leigh Boose
Tonya Leigh B.
16:21 12 Jul 15
Good delivery time. Amazing, delicious breadsticks.
Alexandra Martin
Alexandra M.
01:07 29 May 15
Pizza and beer prices here are great! But the pizza is so good.
Angelique Valdez
Angelique V.
23:15 03 May 15
1st time ever going their my Husband & i with sum friends ...food is a little expensive but tastes Amazing ! waitreses are Great and the live music is Awesome ! definitly going back
Isabella Rose Ire
Isabella Rose I.
00:59 22 Nov 14
Brickyard is the bee's knees! Lauren is by far the best server!
Jessalyn Lance
Jessalyn L.
02:13 30 Sep 14
So good!!! Been here several times, never had a bad meal. Great place to gather with friends or just the family.
Lademma Britt Nelson
Lademma Britt N.
21:39 28 Jun 14
They always take care of me at the bar. One of my favorite places to go near UNM.
Lucas Suina
Lucas S.
00:30 22 May 14
Where else can you get late night food and booze?!? Best place in Albuquerque!
Samuel Harding
Samuel H.
08:16 17 Jan 14
Tuesday Open Mics are always a great way to spend a Tuesday night out! Excellent Pizza and drink specials!
Dan Garduno
Dan G.
10:32 06 Dec 12
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